Iceland Travel Tips To Help Plan The Perfect Adventure

Welcome to the lush life in Iceland

On month later, I’m still thinking about my return to Iceland. The island country is far from some ice paradise - it’s a volcanic to botanic joyride. Iceland has also been THE place to go the past few years. Tourism is outpacing every industry tenfold, so it’s important to do a little pre-planning before you visit. Absolutely leave some free time to explore and be sporadic, but I don’t recommend showing up without accommodations, desired adventure bookings, or a popular restaurant reservation. And when you land at the airport, why not grab a few bottles of wine at duty free? It’s worth the money save. Without further Icelandic ado:

The new Fosshotel Reyk - Still walkable to everything but a tad farther than other options

Get Ahead: Book your accommodations ahead of time whether it’s hotel or Airbnb. During the high season, hotels are scarce and crazy expensive. The further you book out, the better. Scan all the engines for a better price which includes breakfast. If you can avoid the high season, then you’ll most definitely save money here. Make sure you book in the city so you can walk everywhere.

Reykjavik - Don’t get too comfortable in this brilliant, little city. It’s charming, but Iceland’s landscapes call. Two days is all you need to explore and soak up all the sun in this city.

The lovely Anna giving us all the cheese options at Ostabúðin/Cheese shop

Reyk’s Food Tour - Book this walking food tour through Reyk which is about 3 hours. This was a total highlight of the trip. Our guide, Anna, walked us through the city and treated us to six different food experiences including the famed hot dog stand ( Bæjarins bestu). Try this “FOODANDFUN” code to get 10% discount.

Maybe Bjork will be playing at the Harpa tonight?

The Harpa dazzles the eyes, no doubt. Why not go a step further and see who is performing at the center while you are in town. Treat yourself. Check out events here.

One of the best sushi presentations and meals to date - Fish Company

One of the best sushi presentations and meals to date - Fish Company

Eat here - FiskfFiskfélagið / Fish Company - for a lovely night out - amazing sushi - or try a lot of the local fare here like puffin, whale, and more tapas style. OX books months out and is expensive, but it comes highly recommended. Wanna save money? Try the local supermarket or the famed hot dog cart - Baejarins bestu.

Hire a car - Or a horse? Take the island into your own hands and explore the country on your terms. We hired from Enterprise in the city, but there are plenty of other local car rental agencies in Iceland too. Drive safe - Iceland roads don’t have proper shoulders so be cautious when trying to pull over to be sporadic.

Well hello Vik. How charming are you?

Chill. Have a cozy lunch in Vik and soak up its little charm. Visit the church on the top of the hill and skip down to the famed black sand beach.

Purchase a sleep mask as black as this beach!

Sleep on it - Pack a sleeping mask if you’re headed there in summer. In fact, pack two or three. The sun never really sets so you’ll be very sad without it.

Somewhere on the open road…

Be a Quasi Tourist. Do at least one guided tour whether it’s the food walk or glacier tour. These book up fast in the high season so pre book is possible.

Why not smile more? You’re in Iceland.

Smile. You are in Iceland. These are some of the happiest people in the world.

What’s not on here: The Blue Lagoon. Please reference my previous post too. While you’ll definitely make this a part of your trip, do not plan around it. Most coming from the Eastern US make this their first stop from the airport to check it off the box. Or do as we do and make it your last stop on the way back home. Consensus says go in the morning or night when the crowds are at their lowest chaos level.