Airline News: How To Watch Every Lord of the Rings Movies On ONE Flight...

From Sydney with L O V E , Qantas

From Sydney with L O V E , Qantas

There is a lot going on in airline news. The Boeing Max jets are still grounded. Sun Country is getting ready for a potential IPO. Spirit Air (cough) is threatening to add more comfortable seats on their new planes. American Airlines is pledging to upgrade its fancy first class even more. And Star Alliance is losing Avianca Brasil.

And now Qantas is again entering the news game: direct flights from Sydney to London. In case you want to SIT this one out (or laying down), that’s about 19 hours. While this flight isn’t ready for take off, it’s about to be tested by Qantas. If this is a success, Singapore would be dethroned of its longest route as it currently holds the 18.5 hour Singapore to Newark long ass haul. This isn’t a far off idea. Qantas is already flying from Perth to London with a cozy 17:20 hour flight. What is two more? That’s only half of a LOTR movie.

I don’t think any Londoner would argue taking that flight to land right here especially in London’s winter.

Qantas has deemed this Project Sunrise. I can’t imagine why. More fuel efficient planes like the Dreamliner are making this dream possible. We here at the Bird hope that this Qantas flight includes meditation and pilates classes, IV drips, 4 ellipticals, massage therapists, therapists too, a proper nursery, showers, indestructible toilets that smell constantly like a wooden forest, big screen tv’s, and the world’s largest comfort class so people can actually sleep in peace even at a wonky angle.

No need to get too crazy. This flight won’t be tested until this fall with no decision made until 2022. For now those wanting to jaunt from SYD to LON, they can just connect via Perth. <Qantas is currently en route with this flight on the Dreamliner 787-9, Flight QF9).