Travel Product Review: Bose Soundsport Wireless Earbuds

Can you hear the drums, Fernando?

Sound check. It’s been quite some time since my last travel product review. The Amazon Fire tablet is still happily trending on Google, so let’s keep the motion with Bose’s Soundsport earbuds. These Bluetooth enabled and wireless sound goddesses are up for review. So let the keen eye and ear review begin:


It’s all about that bass (and sound) with Bose. The Soundsport delivers true sound quality and lives up to the famed Bose reputation. They come with a volume control on the ear piece as well as easy to activate and connect functionality. Bose has an app for you, but I have enough apps on my phone. To me, it’s the sound quality here that takes flight.

This is what you get for $129 today at Bose (June 2019)

The earbuds come with two extra ear fittings, a USB charger, and a small carrying case. There isn’t much else, but you do get the one year Bose all in warranty (which I’ve already used). Cheers to the Bose customer service. They replaced my product within 3 days of shipping the broken one back to them (free of charge).


Even though my earphones broke after six months (they wouldn’t hold a charge), my complaints are mostly around where I can use them. This is a travel site, so I’m going to focus on travel pointers. Since these are Bluetooth, these earphones won’t be good for listening to your favorite movies on Delta. You can circumvent this by streaming them on your connected computer. Of course if you are flying Spirit or Southwest, this won’t help you. But all in all, you are pretty limited to what you can stream music and entertainment with only Bluetooth connection as an option. When I travel, I don’t like to broadcast my finer things, so I don’t advise wearing these as you hike or walk around a foreign city. Plus, it makes you vulnerable to the obvious.

If you read the above, my earbuds died after six months. Not cool, Bose. However, they were happily replaced in a minutes notice with no cost to me. They won me back. Kudos, Bose.

I am not sure if I have irregular or oddly shaped ears, but I can never get the buds to stay securely in during my workouts. I’ve tried my best, but they seem to slide around and the connecting cable is awkward. You can try these earbuds without the cable to avoid this. On the plane, they are fine. I prefer earbuds or the standard Apple headphones so I can happily squash my head against the right said of the plane (always window seat here) and fall asleep to some music. You cannot find comfort wearing large headphones on a plane and trying to sleep against the window/wall. Nope. Not at all.

Are you an aisle or window person because it matters what type of headphone you use.

Are you an aisle or window person because it matters what type of headphone you use.

The Final Bird Word: This isn’t a bad investment providing you don’t lose them. They retail for $149. I bought them on holiday sale for $99 (Amazon seemed to honor that at the time too), and they are currently on sale at Bose for $129. Quality sound lives here, but comfort and ease seem to come at a cost. On their review site, they’ve received 500 5 Stars but also 322 1 Stars. It seems you either love them or you can’t stand them. Alas, that’s the case with earbuds. Buy them for sound and sport but not for your big travels. Travel on…

*Bose did not pay or provide any funding for this. Yep, this was all me.