Who Is Phil LeBeau?

You should know Phil LeBeau. If you tune into CNBC or Nightly Business Review (on PBS in Los Angeles), you definitely know Phil LeBeau. But if you’re like many reading this, you probably haven’t stumbled across this travel (and automotive) guru. A few years ago, I started to incorporate NBR into my evening routine. It’s unbiased business news from the day. Oh yes, and it’s brilliant. I did not expect to injest some of the best travel news coverage from Phil himself. He’s the buddha of travel reporting on all things you need to know about the industry and how it effects you. You can find him reporting on many current topics from the Boeing Max drama to the effects of tariffs on the travel industry.

With his Midwest manners and delivery, LeBeau delivers the news with intelligence and a soothing smile. He’s an active Tweeter and lends his voice and expertise to several travel videos like this one on Boeing’s Dreamliner. His Facebook page as well delivers auto and travel news.

Phil LeBeau (right) at the Paris Air Show with U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross (from Twitter)

LeBeau graduated from the Universal of Missouri with a degree in Journalism & Broadcasting.

Why is he important? Because he’s Phil LeBeau. While I get my travel inspiration and pragmatism from Rick Steves and hotel envy from Samantha Brown, I still need travel business news to keep my eyes open and alert.

To let Emmy Award winning LeBeau tell you a little about himself, let’s source his Linkedin profile:

I’m often asked by people, “What exactly do you cover?” I like to say that if it has wings or wheels, you can pretty much expect me to be there. yes, I have spent plenty of time in Detroit reporting on the ups and downs of the Big 3, but in reality my beat takes me around the world. Whether it’s tracking the new 787 Dreamliner at the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington or seeing first hand how Ford’s plant in Chongqing, China is working at a feverish pace to keep up with demand, I’ve been there.

That’s the best part of my job. Every day is different and the stories I cover show how quickly the way we travel (around town and around the world) is changing.
— Phil LeBeau, Linkedin