6 Father's Day Gifts To Inspire Travel

Not every dad longs for a luxurious and lengthy Viking Cruise down the Danube - well not all of them. I am sure he’d be thrilled, but there are easier and cheaper ways to show your love and inspire him to travel this Father’s Day. From tech gifts to paper ones, these six gifts help dad feel a little special while encouraging him to embrace his time off.

Give dad the monthly gift of travel love.

Afar Magazine Subscription: Afar is by far one of my favorite travel mediums. From online to paper, Afar delivers the best in travel spirit. If dad is still stuck in the print world, show him a little love every month with an annual subscription to the magazine. $24 for 2 years is a great gift here.

Soludos: Not limited to just fathers but all men tend to take traveling as a reason to dress like a bozo. Since birth, I’ve made it my social mission to keep all toes on planes covered. Nobody needs to witness your lack of pedicuring down there. So why not fancy it up with some espadrilles from Soludos. These shoes are smart, comfortable and tastefully keep his toes covered. He can wear them to the beach or casual stroll on his vacation all while they packer super well with limited space being taken up. Show your love one step at a time (Soludos tend to run one size large).

Khakis never went away.

Dad Jean’s: If your dad is a like my dad, he’s not known for his vacation fashion. Sure he’s a lover of Patagonia and a nice pullover fleece from Columbia, but it wouldn’t hurt to slightly tweak his travel wardrobe. That’s why this year I’m pushing a nice tapered jean or khaki from Levi’s. Dad’s won’t know what hit them. Are they jeans? Are they khakis? What’s this non boxy look? It’s time to inject a little modern day upgrades to dad’s travel gear one leg at a time (Levi’s is also cool to pops and running a 40% off Father’s Day special now).

Listen up pops…

Bose Headphones: Most dad’s under 70 are rocking a smartphone today. And if you are even luckier, he’s got the belt clip to prove it. Shower dad with an new way to listen to his favorite music or podcast with some Bose headphones. If he doesn’t have a Bluetooth enabled phone, grab him these which are running on a sale of $49. But if he’s a hip dad, why not go all the way with the wireless ones.

Classic and slim for dad. Wallets by Shinola.

The New Dad Wallet - When I look back at my childhood, I can recall seeing my father take out his weathered wallet that likely weighed twenty pounds stuffed with every receipt from the past ten years. At some point, he had a checkbook in there, a refrigerator and a spare car engine. It’s time to tone that down. Shinola creates the best looking men’s accessories out there in my opinion. This wallet is slim, portable, and great for dad to test out on vacation when all he needs is a light beer, chips and family.

No dad, nobody is trying to break in the house while you’re in Hawaii.

The Nest Camera - My father is a bit paranoid. So when he goes on vacation, he boards up the house for nuclear wars and home invasions. To help ease the mind, I think the Nest Camera is a perfect gift to keep his mind at ease while away. Providing he’s somewhat useful with a smartphone, dad will love this spy gadget to make sure nobody is sneaking off his with prized wine collection. Pick the right one for dad here.