Good On Ya, Qantas. Let the Zero Waste Air Wars Begin!

We’ve come to expect a lot of from our friends Down Under. It’s not all kangaroos, avocado toast, epic accents and Bondi Beach bums. This is a country about making a change for good.

Qantas CEO, Andrew David, dropped some serious eco news this week with Qantas commitment to saving the planet by removing single use plastic cups, cutlery, seat covers and coffee cups from flights by 2020. This all kicked off with a recent flight from Sydney to Adelaide where passengers used crop starch formed cutlery, containers created from sugar cane, and compostable plastics. If the packaging wasn’t sustainable, it was dropped - sorry Vegemite (no love loss from me for sure).

So what are we seeing here? We are seeing the eco crisis taking true form in proactivity. Airlines are major offenders from carbon pollution to toxic garbage waste. “Qantas and Jetstar currently produce an amount of waste equivalent to 80 fully laden Boeing 747 jumbo jets” quotes David. That’s heaps of shit.

Qantas could fill 80 747s with the trash they produce each year !

While Qantas is making all the right moves, they are still not even in the top 10 largest air carriers. So will we see this from the big ones likes American, Delta, Lufthansa, United, Air France-KLM, ANA and Southwest to name a few? Yes - not because I have any insight they are doing it now, but because we have to make them to keep Mother Earth safe for traveling.

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