Peck of the Week: Antwerp, Belgium (#streetart)

Before Netflix’s Our Planet, there was this mural in Antwerp, Belgium.

Street art is incredibly important to me. Whenever I visit any city, I acutely take note of murals, street art, and so on. Why? I think it portrays the city’s dedication to expression, art and risk. Street art certainly has its checkered past. So when a city embraces it, it can only propel the positivity and creativity further. The lesson here really is to stop and take note of it when you’re in a new or your own home city. Here in Los Angeles, the city is becoming canvased in this expressionism - legally or not - depicting old Hollywood, film to celebrity. If you’re in Berlin, the entire Berlin Wall is now part of artistic expressions of the war and politics. Street art is a global creativity movement and I’m into it.

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