Southwest says Aloha!

Take me to Hawaii, give me a cocktail and good book, and wake me up for dinner.

Rumors have been buzzing in the travel biz for quite some time: Southwest wants to get lei'd in Hawaii. While the dates are still not set on booking your first trip to Hawaii via Southwest, the time is just about here. Last week, Southwest birthed her maiden voyage from OAK to HNL as part of its federal certification. Already in anticipation, all of the major carrier like United, Delta, and American are dropping their fares faster than the resignations in the current presidential cabinet.

Over 100 million Americans board flights on Southwest each year. What do we know about them? They are fearless, love to play the check-in game, relish free checked luggage, and are extremely loyal. After all, Southwest constantly wins awards for its service, humor and cost efficiency. All of this stems from its cofounder, Herb Kelleher, who recently passed away. All great businesses like Southwest start with great leaders.

Although I’m a devout Delta flyer today, I don’t see why you wouldn’t run the Southwest fare if you can make the route work. And if you don’t check the comparable faire on Delta, Hawaii or your preferred air carrier, you’re losing money. To note, nonstop service starts only from California to Hawaii during this phase.

Moral of this story: check all the fares because that can be the difference between one or ten Mai Tais at the swim up bar.

More facts from Southwest:

While specific routes are not yet available for purchase, our initial intention is to begin Hawaii nonstop service from Oakland (OAK), San Diego (SAN), San Jose (SJC), and Sacramento (SMF).*Subject to required government approvals. From California, you can reach Honolulu, HI (Oahu), Kahului, HI (Maui), Kona, HI (Island of Hawaii), and Lihue, HI (Kauai). We also intend to provide interisland service, so you can fly between the Hawaiian Islands with us, too.

For more information on the islands we intend to serve, visit the Southwest Community.