Woodland Plantation - Rollin' Down The River (the Mississippi that is)

One a church now a cozy dining hall at Woodland Plantation

Smack dab along the might Mississippi in Louisiana, you’ll find Woodland Plantation. How did I end up here? Well, the Bird ends up in all types of places. One day you are scouring the streets in Paris, running around meetings in Seattle the next and then deep in the South - West Pointe a la Hache to be specific. We were here to celebrate my brother’s 40th. We took in fishing, sleeping, gator watching and lots of delicious Southern food!

The best birthday present a brother could ask for - a fully stocked bar!

The best birthday present a brother could ask for - a fully stocked bar!

Establishes in 1834 and opened as an inn in 1999, Woodland Plantation is as sleepy, humid, delicious and laid back as a Southern’s howdy doooooooo to you! If you aren’t enjoying the home cooked meals in the converted church (now dining hall), you can easily check out the wildlife along the Mississippi that borders the estate. The local ponds are gator plentiful too - they never stopped staring as us as food for sure.

They mean it too.

The plantation itself feels like something out of Interview with the Vampire. However, most notable would be the plantation itself featured on the Southern Comfort whiskey label for 75 years.

Woodland’s dining hall (exterior)

The dining hall itself is a whole other story. Once a church located miles down the street, it was broken into two pieces and slowly dragged down the little highway to its new home at Woodland Plantation. No need to pray - just say your thanks to the excellent staff cooking up shrimp boils, grits, steak, fish filets, collard greens and more. Just keep adding the butter….

I didn’t find myself here by chance. In fact, I don’t recommend going all out to Woodland Plantation for your bucket list. If you do find yourself in New Orleans and want to try something a little more home style and Southern, why not dip down to Woodland, book a night or two, spend a day fishing in the bayou, and start calling people y’all. You’ve earned it.