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Welcome to another new feature here at HFTB's editorial office. True, it's a nest of one, but it's a big one all around the world. Once you've decided on location for you adventure, you begin the hotel hustle - where they hell am I going to stay?

During my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia, my eye caught an unassuming sign for a small hotel nestled in the bustle of Seminyak. Dodging bikers, cars, and pedestrians, it's easy to miss. You can't see the hotel from the road, but you can get a small taste of its aesthetic from the extremely popular and chic boutique, KIM SOO, right next door. While I was perfectly happy staying at my Courtyard Marriott Seminyak (loved it actually and stayed free on points), I was consumed by what it would be like to spend a night in this darling colonial hotel. So, I booked a suite for one night in the name of all that's true and holy in Rick Steves' travel life.


Hotel: Colony Hotel Bali (site here)

Location: Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia (map here)

Price: $140-$200 USD (April nightly rates) - I rented a Junior Suite including breakfast and tax around $200

HEY THAT'S FLY - PROS - 1. For those staying in Seminyak, it's in a perfect place for food, spa, beach and shopping while feeling secluded despite off a busy road. It feels incredibly subdue and calm for being plopped in Seminyak. Staff was polite and attentive. Rooms are large and spacious and well cooled. The pool while shared feels very private. It's very Instagram friendly. Plus, it's next to Kim Soo where you'll be buying all the treasures to take home.

RUFFLED FEATHER'S - CONS - The price can be a little high for Bali. However, this is a more upscale hotel, so it's more fairly priced to the surrounding hotels. Location may be somewhat unfavorable for those seeking complete serenity in their surrounds, so I suggest booking it to Ubud.

THE BIRD'S WORD: Why not? If you need a little escape in Seminyak, stay here. Shop at KIM SOO. Enjoy a two hour body spa next door at Bodyworks Spa, a pedi right next door for $4 USD, and dinner at Urchin Grill which almost feels connected to the hotel.

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Coming Soon - Cusco, Peru

Tradition and opulence in Cusco, Peru

Tradition and opulence in Cusco, Peru

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